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Opal Stones

The term, opal, was adapted from the Latin word ‘opalus.’ But popular belief states that the word originated from the Sanskrit ‘upala’ which means ‘precious stone.’

Opals and Energies

According to various experts in crystal healing, opal proves useful for clarifying and strengthening eyesight. It helps reduce fever and stimulates the memory. This means it can be an optimal gift for students. And when it comes to emotional healing energy, opal is known as a ‘stone of happy dreams and changes.’ Supportive and soothing, opals bring happiness from the understanding that a person has numerous potentials.

And when it comes to spiritual energy, opal can serve as the vessel of spiritual light. It awakens the psychic and mystical qualities of one’s being. As a stone of light, opal attracts angelic energies. It also enhances communication with the Divine.

Opal’s Properties

As precious stones, the opal represents hope, innocence, and purity. It also strongly holds connotations of happiness, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence. They promote a sense of calmness and security.  In addition, opals can ease stress and depression. Moreover, the opal encourages its wearer to stay away from restless thoughts. It centers the mind and brings happy dreams, and does wonders for soothing children. Furthermore, opals encourage humanitarian love and service.

As a brilliant stone that dedicates itself to inspiring hope, purity, and happiness, opals earned the moniker, “Eye Stone.”

The opal comes in different colors. From white and green as the most common, to red and fabled black as the rarest. It is also considered the birthstone of October and is the theme gift for the 14th and 18th wedding anniversaries.

Sadly though, the opal’s popularity decreased during the Middle Ages, and it hasn’t recovered since. Still, the opal makes itself known as a rather brilliant gem that presents high value and beauty.

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