Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

The Path to Wisdom

Feeling unsteady? Tired? Aggressive out of nowhere and for no reason? Well, the problem lies in your chakra. Solve all those problems with the help of our solar plexus chakra stones.

The solar plexus, or third, chakra governs your will-power, your self-esteem, and your emotions. An imbalance may lead to oddities happening in your lives. For this reason, Quartz House is here to help. Reaffirm your willpower and self-esteem with our set of chakra stones for your third chakra.

Welcome wisdom and spiritual insight into your life. Cultivate courage, honor, compassion, and responsibility towards others. Let your creativity flourish. And above all, re-balance your third chakra with our solar plexus chakra stones today.

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