Aquamarine (High)


Aquamarine represents all things that are connected to the ocean, as well as things that relate to Heavenly things. Aquamarine is the blue variety of Beryl.

In ancient times, however, Aquamarines were believed to counter the forces of darkness. It helps its wearer find favor in the spirits that belong to the light.

Origin: Mozambique

Weight: 1.050 kg

Size: 7.2 cm (L) x 11.0 cm (H) x 7.8 cm (W)

The rocks we have are 100% natural. Not synthetic, not scientifically made, not tumbled, but raw with nature power.



The term Aquamarine comes from the Latin words ‘aqua marinus’ which means ‘water of the sea.’ It’s named aptly because of its ocean-like color. These stones form into stunning flawless crystals, and in turn, evokes the purity of crystalline waters.

Aquamarines have a calming, soothing, and cleansing nature. They also inspire the truth and propagate trust. The aquamarine links with the throat chakra. For this reason, it can help overcome stage fright. Aquamarines allow the user to speak clearly and accelerate the intellectual learning process.

It is a stone of natural justice as well as travel. It especially protects those who journey by the sea. This is because, in ancient lore, the aquamarine was said to be the treasure of mermaids. And nowadays, it still serves to protect those who frequently travel by sea.

But when it comes to spiritual energy, the aquamarine is the stone of empowerment. For women, the stone lends them the courage to express themselves, and it enhances intuitive abilities. On the other hand, aquamarine can be excellent for meditation. It also awakens your paranormal abilities.

This crystal harnesses the soothing spirit of the ocean. For this reason, aquamarines can be refreshing wake-up calls. Its revitalizing energy serves to reawaken a sluggish soul weighed down by demands of modern life.

Use the aquamarine to restore balance and tranquility to a troubled energy field.

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Additional information

Weight 3.055 kg
Dimensions 13.6 x 12.5 x 13.3 cm

4 pcs, 8 pcs, 16 pcs


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