Blue Chalcedony 3 (High)


The Blue Chalcedony belongs with the Quartz family. Displaying different shades of blue, such as robin’s egg blue, sky blue, or violet blue. It’s a transparent-to-opaque that’s colored by traces of copper, manganese, titanium, and iron.

This crystal has a calming effect on its user, and it helps them achieve peace within themselves. This stone’s energy encourages you to embrace the oneness of all life.
Origin: Malawi

Weight: 2.325 kg

Size: 18.8 cm (L) x 14.8 cm (H) x 9.1 cm (W)

The rocks we have are 100% natural. Not synthetic, not scientifically made, not tumbled, but raw with nature power.

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Chalcedony forms from compact and microcrystalline Quartz. Blue chalcedony is a demure crystal. It appears subtle, serene, and ethereal. The stone has that inviting blue translucence to it. In addition, its striking color speaks trust and silent reverence.

Blue chalcedony is known as the ‘Speaker’s Stone.’ It was popular in the ancient days as well. History gives us chalices carved of chalcedony. And even the great Roman orator, Cicero, adorned chalcedonies around his neck. In Biblical contexts, the chalcedony appears as one of the stones found in the walls of the New Jerusalem.

And when it comes to healing, this stone protects against weakness in general. It reduces sleepwalking and proves as a valuable source of protection when traveling. In terms of emotional healing, the crystal eases self-doubt. It centers the emotional energy field.

Blue chalcedony can communicate with the spirit. It encourages speaking in the language of light as well. And during meditation, feel free to peer into the depths of a blue chalcedony. Discover and listen to your inner voice filled with wisdom.

Blue chalcedony remains significant today. Furthermore, it attributes with the power to drive away phantoms and visions of the night.

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