Grossular Garnet (Low)


The Grossular Garnet comes in different types. These are the African Green Garnet, the Hessonite, and the Tsavorite. Each has its own uses.

But as a whole, the grossular garnet’s physical healing properties aid in the most crippling of afflictions. Known as the ‘Conqueror’s Stone,’ it assures the wearer of victory in any negative situation.

Origin: Unknown

Weight: 0.45 kg

Size: 5.9 cm (L) x 3.9 cm (H) x 4.0 cm (W)

The rocks we have are 100% natural. Not synthetic, not scientifically made, not tumbled, but raw with nature power.

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Grossular garnets often come in dark colors. Every variety of garnets share a common structure when it comes to crystal formation. They vary in chemical compositions, however. Grossular garnet is calcium-aluminum forms of garnet.

No one knows where these garnets came from. But people discovered grossular garnets across many countries. These places include the USA, Tanzania, Russia, Madagascar, Kenya, Brazil, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Garnet is a conqueror’s stone. Ancient civilizations all over the world speak of garnet’s wide uses. They particularly starred in the lives of the rich and the powerful. For starters, garnets were inlaid in pieces of jewelry. The Celtics and the Anglo-Saxons made great use of them. And on a Biblical context, garnets adorned Aaron, the High Priest’s breastplate. And throughout Egyptian history, garnets honored the lion-goddess Sekhmet.

Its physical healing properties include aid in recovery from illness and trauma. These garnets benefit the respiratory and immune system as well. It also assists the body when it comes to cellular regeneration. On the other hand, grossular garnets also encourage community spirit.

Known widely as the birthstone of January, garnets have notable uses in spiritual matters. They also act as amulets to ward off unwanted energy. Furthermore, a grossular garnet signifies that you should value yourself more highly.

Grossular Garnet makes for an excellent crystal to soothe and reduce emotional extremes. It encourages social growth and service to the community.

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Weight .45253 kg
Dimensions 5.9 x 3.9 x 4.0 cm


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